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Responsive Website Design – 15 reasons it makes sense

Today, a website is no longer solely viewed on a desktop computer or laptop. Many users view websites through their mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. Thus, it is important for website owners to build their site for all types of devices. This approach is called responsive website design.

Responsive website design makes a website viewable on all mobile devices. This is done by using CSS to make the site flexible to accommodate any size screen for displaying content.

Responsive Website Design

Designing a website using this approach is important due to the popularity of tablets and smartphones. As more people use these types of mobile devices, websites that can be displayed on them without any interruptions will enhance the user’s experience.

A survey conducted by Compuware showed that 57 percent of users will refuse to recommend a company if its website is not mobile device friendly. Additionally, 40 percent of them will visit a competitor’s website rather than waste time trying to navigate a page that is not optimized for mobile devices.

A responsively designed website brings many benefits, including:

1. One site for all.

One website is constructed to accommodate all types of devices.

2. Saves money.

When owners have a website designed for various devices, they can reduce costs as they do not have to create a site for each device.

3. Saves time.

Owners can save time updating their site using content management systems, or CMS. Any updates will be reflected across all devices.

4. Creates a positive browsing experience.

When users have a positive experience with a responsively designed website, they will become repeat visitors.

5. Creates an easy to navigate website.

Visitors will linger on a site that is optimized. This is because a well optimized site, for mobile devices, is easy to navigate and users usually browse pages smoothly, without thinking.

6. Increases SEO performance.

Search engines consider incoming traffic from all types of devices as one. Thus, the site’s rank in the search engine results will be improved.

7. Eliminates the canonical issue.

An optimized site for mobile devices not only solves the URL issue, but is also free from duplicate content as only one site is viewable through different size screens.

8. Facilitates the link building strategy.

Owners can focus on link building for their website once as they only have one website.

9. Works with many smartphone operating systems.

With the popularity of Android, Nokia, Window Mobile, iOS and RIM, a website designed responsively does not need to create an additional application.

10. Friendly to social media networks.

Visitors who want to share content with friends, fans and followers need to only post one URL.

11. Creates an up-to-date website.

By implementing CSS to stylize the site’s layout, pages stay current and can be displayed correctly in any device.

12. Creates a pleasant browsing experience.

A responsive site will automatically adjust content to fit the size of the mobile device screen. This makes the browsing experience more pleasing and without interruption.

13. Creates cutting edge web development.

Websites obtain more attention as traffic comes from all types of mobile devices. This strengthens the site’s online presence and leaves the competition’s website far behind.

14. Complies with Google’s policy.

Google recommends responsive website design. They favor websites constructed with similar HTML for all devices and employ CSS to control how the site is display on each device.

15. Delivers different-sized images.

Creating responsive websites help mobile device users to view images instantly, without waiting for large downloads.

China alone has one billion mobile phone users; 400 million of them use mobile Internet devices and 150 million use 3G phones. This makes designing a website using a responsive approach too important to be ignored. If you want to learn more about how to design your responsive website, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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