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Even cooler colors with Kuler.


Everyone sometimes get a creative block, but when it comes to what colors to use for your designs. Adobe has a free product called Kuler that will help you with coming up with sets of compatible colors. Kuler has a standalone desktop application that is available on adobe’s website. It also has built in integration with many of the adobe CS4 and above suites. You will need an adobe account which is also free to sign up for.

Once you have your account set up you’ll be able to login to Kuler’s website and begin making your color swatches. Or you can veiw tons of swatches made by fellow kuler community members which is sometimes great for that little inspirational push that you might need.

Since this is a community you will be able to share your swatches with members or you can make them private so only you can view them. A really nice feature kuler provides is the ability to upload an image and grab colors from that image. The swatches have five colors, one of them being the base color that the rest of the colors are set from the base color. The color formats are HSV, RGB, CMYK,LAB, and HEX. You can also download your color swatches as a .ase file to import them into your adobe suite that supports that file format.

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