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Webmaster Hosting – 3 Reasons to avoid it.

When you hire a web design firm or a webmaster, they’ll often offer to host your website for you. They may even strongly recommend that you let them host your website. The cost is often a little more than you would pay with another hosting company, but the benefits seem worth the additional investment. You can simply email your designer or webmaster when your site needs updating or you have a problem. Not having to deal with the hosting yourself seems like a really good deal.

It’s not, for three reasons. You give up all control over your website, you may not, in fact probably will not, get the support you expect, and you may be left behind when website technology improves.

Here are the 3 reasons to avoid your webmaster hosting your site;

  1. You Give Up All Control over Your Website
  2. You May Not Get the Support You Expect
  3. You May Be Left behind When Website Technology Improves
webmaster hosting

1. You Give Up All Control over Your Website

When you allow someone else to manage your website on their servers, you may find it very difficult to leave for another host. Your webmaster will have all of your files. You will not have access to the server to retrieve and move your files. Your webmaster may refuse to turn over the files, or charge a fee for releasing the files and canceling your hosting.

2. You May Not Get the Support You Expect

Large hosting companies have 24/7 support by email and sometimes by phone. Webmaster hosting cannot offer this kind of support. If you have issues with your email or website and need immediate support, you will probably find yourself waiting until someone has time to help you or gets your message.

3. You May Be Left behind When Website Technology Improves

Webmaster hosting operations do not have the resources that large hosting companies have to upgrade equipment as technology changes. If your webmaster hosts with a large company, they may be able to grow and change quickly. If they own their own equipment, expect it to become dated quickly.

The solution to this problem is to host your own website with a reliable hosting company. We like SiteGround.

This may sound difficult, if you are not familiar with website hosting. A web hosting service gives you the disk space to house your website, and the bandwidth, or transfer capability, to share your website with the world on the web. You upload your files to the web hosting service and the host makes your site live on the web.

While there are free web hosting services, these are usually an even worse choice than webmaster hosting. You will want to invest the small amount of money in a good web hosting service. Here are a few things to look for in a good host.

1. Support

This is probably the most important thing you require in a web host. Look for 24/7 support with a minimum of email support. Email and phone support is much better. Also find out if they have a support forum where you can get help from staff and other users. Live chat is a great bonus. Before you choose a web host, send some support requests inquiring about their services to test their response speed and helpfulness.

2. Disk Space

You want just the right amount of storage, not too much or too little. If you get too little you’ll run out of space quickly, but if you get too much you’ll also pay too much. Most sites need about 50MB of disk space. If you’ll be hosting images or downloadable files like ebooks, you will probably need more space. Consider what you’ll be putting on your site to determine how much storage you’ll need.

3. Bandwidth

Bandwidth is simply transfers of data to and from your site. This includes your uploads of files as well as visitors viewing pages, which requires downloading them to their computer. You will need more bandwidth if you offer downloads. As your site becomes more popular, your bandwidth requirements will increase. Before choosing a hosting plan, find out how much bandwidth is included and what will happen if your site exceeds its bandwidth allowance. Also check into the ability to increase bandwidth on your plan.

4. Programming

To be sure you can build and maintain the website you want, make sure that the plan you are considering supports programming languages and services such as PHP, CGI, MySQL and SSI.

5.FTP Access

One reason for not using webmaster hosting is that it doesn’t allow you to upload your own files and access them through FTP. This is the easiest uploading and file management method. Make sure your web host offers it.

6. Control Panel

Make sure the control panel, or user interface, is user-friendly and intuitive.

7. Web Statistics

Make sure your web host offers tools that let you see how many people visit your site, when and from where, and what pages they are visiting. This is important information that will help you improve your site.

8. Email Accounts

You want multiple email accounts, preferably unlimited accounts. You may want to set up multiple accounts for different people or job functions.

9. Uptime

This is actually probably the second most important element in web hosting. Most web hosts, including webmaster hosting, will promise 99.9% uptime. Research reviews and other information online to determine if this is true.

There are literally thousands of web hosting services available. The best way to find a good one is to get a recommendation from someone you trust. Failing that, search for web host reviews and look for good reviews from users. Take the time to choose a good host to take care of your site. If you webmaster is willing to help you pick someone then take advantage of it.

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