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What Makes An Effective Legal/Law Firm Website?

ACU Web has reviewed many Legal/Law Firm Websites over the past few months in order to get a sense of what businesses in the legal industry need to provide their visitors in order to successfully convert them into a happy client.

Some of the key areas most legal sites had;

  • Firm Information
  • Attorney Profiles, with pictures
  • Areas Of Practice
  • Free Consultation
  • Regularly Updated Content and Information
  • FAQ For Common Issues
  • Contact Information, including map
  • Depending on firm size a live chat program may be beneficial

Though some would say it should be loaded with free information about legal issues and legal news we feel that should not be the focal point of your site. It’s great to add useful information to your website, it not only educates your potential clients it also helps to qualify them and lighten the in-bound call load. We found that it was important to keep the goal for any visitors using your site focused on providing their contact information so you can open a dialog with them. Once a potential client has had a chance to review your credentials and areas of practice they will know that you are the right firm for them to work with.

When it comes to law firm website marketing the most important goal is to attract potential clients. It’s always nice to provide information and answers for your prospects, but a legal website is designed to bring attention to the law firm and to generate new clients.

We believe offering a free consultations is a good tool for law firm website marketing. It will allow you to not only get the contact information you need from the prospect it will also allow you to gather useful marketing and usage data. Sometimes legal website marketing can be more complex and require a custom solution. For instance, a firm specializing in class action lawsuits might find it helpful to list some of the big cases it has represented in the past. They might also explain the process, as most people do not fully understand how they can benefit by being part of a class action.

Good Legal/Law Firm Websites combine information about the area of law they specialize in as well as backgrounds of the firm’s attorneys. They will have obvious and clear contact information making it easy for the prospect to get a hold of someone in the firm, giving the visitor the confidence that your firm wants to help and is available to talk.

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