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American Gas Products


My name is Steve Jiles and I am the owner of American Gas Products Incorporated and we have been in business for the past twenty-seven years. Yes we did our fare share of sales throughout the years, but I wanted more.

A friend of mine referred me to a company by the name of ACU Web, Inc. in Riverside Ca. Why, because I was looking for a web page designer that could actually build a really great website. A website that answered customers questions, explained why my products were better and the advantage of buying my products over my competition. A website that was easy to manage as well as modify if needed. A strong colorful website that was full of facts. Yes, I wanted all the customers I could get.

So I contacted Austin Coulson the owner of ACU Web and I need to tell everyone that was the best decision I could have ever made. ACU Web could not have done a better job for us. My customer’s base has absolutely exploded. Austin the owner of Acu Web has put together an amazing team.  Dan LaForce is an employee there and he is an amazing designer and his technical ability for solving problems is only something other designers could hope to achieve. Certainly the best recommendation I could ever make for putting together and managing a great website at a great price would be for you to contact ACUWebServices.com in Riverside CA.

Steve Jiles Http://americangasproducts.com

Austin Coulson

Web Design and Internet Marketing have been passions of Austin’s for many years. While starting out by creating websites for himself, Austin ascertained many of the fundamentals and theory that constitute professional website development. Through networking and word-of-mouth, Austin soon began building and marketing websites for many different businesses and industries.