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The future of QR codes?

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The future of QR codes?

When I first discovered Quick Response codes, or QR codes, I immediately thought they were a cool way to let people quickly and easily access websites and information without having to have a web address. Many companies, such as Starbucks, are now using Quick Response codes in advertising through television commercials, as well as on their products. In fact, almost everywhere you go, Quick Response codes are popping up. Even the local newspaper and the Yellow Pages have discussed using Quick Response codes for print advertising.

After considering the popularity of Quick Response codes, as well as their ease of use, I began to consider another possible use for them that did not involve traditional business marketing; allowing people to use Quick Response codes to communicate with one another. Quick Response codes could be used to share ideas and information, and expand on the concepts of social networking. By people having the ability to have their own personal Quick Response codes that could change and be updated with new information, Quick Response codes could soon become a completely new means of communication.

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