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How to Use Yelp – 10 Tips to Grow Your Business

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How to Use Yelp – 10 Tips to Grow Your Business

What is Yelp?

How To Use YelpFounded in 2004, Yelp was created to help people connect with great local businesses. Currently, with over 100 million visitors using Yelp each month, and over 42 million local reviews, Yelp is quickly becoming a staple in the search for great business, finding events, lists and socializing with other Yelpers.

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Local Listing Optimization – Pros & Cons

Local Listing Optimization

When is the last time you used a phone book, other than to prop open a door or lift your child in his/her booster seat?

Local listing optimization (LLO) is the practice of bringing in the new and trashing the old. By using various strategies, you can boost your business’ online local listing and increase sales.

Did you know, 59% of consumers use Google every month to locate a trusted local business? If you’re not using local listing optimization, your business is going to lose out to the competition.

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You Should Become The Mayor of Your City…

… on Merchant Circle 😉

Merchant Circle is a great social networking tool for businesses and its free. It’s a great way to connect with local businesses and prospects in your industry or target vertical market.

ACU Web setup its Merchant Circle account mid last year and we have been working on becoming the Mayor ever since. Fortunately for us Riverside isn’t a huge metro area and not many businesses have caught on yet. Though many join everyday. When we joined one local business was firmly set as the mayor and we have been nipping at their heels ever since. I expect by this time next month we’ll have taken the ruling spot.

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Google Places/Google Local – New Search Results

The search landscape was changed again recently, as Google Local Search queries got a dramatic overhaul. Opinions are mixed; Google Local has been a powerful tool for both Google and the consumer, but with this recent change, the display seems to be changing depending on things like query, location, etc. The new display isn’t visible at all unless a link is used to get started. This is a quick look at what impact this could have on Google Local search results.

Adwords is now more important. Google Maps now appear in the right column, where paid ads are traditionally located. The ads are now bumped down the page. Google will likely compensate by showing more paid smack dab in the middle, right above the Google Local listings. These ads will likely become even more prominent in Google Instant Search.

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Local Listings Optimization – Improving Your Local Visibility on the Internet

What is local listings optimization?

A business always wants to attract customers to their website. Depending on your business it often helps if those customers are also local to you. Local listings optimization is the art of optimizing your information on the internet to make sure that your business shows up well whenever someone searches locally for your business. This may be a search on Google Places, Yahoo Local or many of the other sites along these lines.

Local Listings Optimization

Google Places

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