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Building a Brand for Your Small Business? Ask Yourself These 6 Questions.

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I know your marketing budget is tight but there are things you can do that only require sweat equity that will help you build a good foundation and solidify your company’s online presence.

You need to ask yourself these 6 questions:

  • What is your brand?
  • What is Your Origin Story?
  • How Am I Engaging My Customers?
  • What Are Your Competitors Doing?
  • What Kind Of Customers Do You Want?
  • What’s The Next Step?

What is your Brand?

Your company’s brand is more than just a logo and a website. You need to define yourself and make your customers feel an emotional connection to your brand.

Most people think that if they just make a Facebook page and Yelp Page, people will just come running to their website. That’s not the reality. The truth is that you need to be actively engaging with your customers whether it’s through posting funny or interesting articles to just responding to them through comments. You might have a great product or service but in order to have staying power you’re going to need to have a great brand that is immersed in its clients world.

You might not have a big budget but you can do a couple of simple things to build a great base.

What is Your Origin Story?

What is your business about? Why did you quit your steady job to start this company? What are you good at and why should people care? When you answer these questions people will see the passion you have for your business and that’s something that will make you unique.

How Am I Engaging My Customers?

Customer feedback is an amazing tool. You can use it not only as suggestions on how to improve your business but as a way to show your company is changing and progressing with the times for the better. This will help you create a brand message that you can convey to your clients.

What are Your Competitors Doing?

Try Googling the Keywords you want to be highly ranked for. What comes up? What are those competitors doing? How can I improve on what they are doing? Try to see what these companies are missing and fill the gaps. That will help set you apart.

What Kind of Customers Do You Want?

I know the optimal answer is EVERYONE but you really need to target a niche audience and focus on them. Sometimes being too general and trying to appeal to the larger market can backfire cause people to not understand what you’re going for. If you aren’t specific enough then you won’t be able to build that connection with your customers.

What is the Next Step?

Once you have a brad idea you’ll need to integrate that into your marketing. There are 4 components that you should concentrate on.

1) Online Marketing

Content is king. Google’s job is connect people’s needs to the most relevant solution. If you have great content, Google will rank you higher in their searches. Sounds easy, right? It’s actually one of the more difficult parts of marketing. If you aren’t skilled at writing and researching then most of your content will get buried under all the large companies that already have authority.

A good trick will be to address your clients unique problems. This is something that larger companies can’t focus on and it will set you apart and build brand loyalty to those who you focus on.

2) Paid Online Advertising (Adwords)

Adwords is a great tool but can get pretty expensive quickly and provide little to no return if done incorrectly. Adwords is highly competitive and requires a lot of research to get the most out of your money. Large companies can afford to out bid you on all your advertisements so the trick again is to narrow down to specifics which will give you higher click through rates because you’re targeting the correct people and lower the price of each click because it will be less competitive.

3) Social Media

Concentrate on what your good at and people will follow you. It’s very important to be rich in interesting content when you decide to venture into social media. Unique pictures of your products or services go a long way. Writing unique helpful tips increase the likelihood of your posts being shared and spread through your customers different channels.

There’s a general rule I like to follow when I post content. I like to post 6 interesting or funny articles a week and only post 1 that’s geared toward advertising. This makes the customer feel like you’re not only on social media to spam them with junk.

4) Email Marketing

Email marketing isn’t as effective as it was before. Most people just ignore it or it goes into their spam folder. There is a smaller segment of people who do really value email marketing. These are the people who already have an emotional connection to your brand and want to know more about what you offer. The real trick is to make sure that your emails have value. That means good sales and good information. It is key to give your customers a good reason and to have them benefit from opening your emails.


Know yourself and know what your company is about. Stand out. Be different. This will set you apart from a majority of your competitors. Once you’ve reached the next level you’ll be competing with larger companies with bigger budgets and you’ll need the help of marketing professionals.

If you’ve got any questions or would like a free consultation just contact us! We are glad to help you and your small business 🙂

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