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Pay Per Click (PPC)

Stop throwing money away! We can:

  • Make Your Current Adwords Campaign More Effective
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  • "I have received many new patients from my website which ACU Web built from the ground floor to what it is today. ACU Web is now a very important part of my business team."
    ADHP Testimonial Ron Barbanell - ADHP
    "It was a pleasure doing business with them and we look forward to continuing our long business relationship. Thanks for all your hard work!"
    Approved MemoryTestimonial Dave Reed - Approved Memory
  • "ACU Web is passionate about what they do and it shows in their results. Their work is lightning fast, wildly creative, and meticulously accurate.
    BNI Ivan Minser Testimonial Ivan Misner - BNI Founder
    "I was amazed at the quality, speed, professionalism ACU Webservices offered me. My heartiest recommendation that others use your services, too."
    Charlie Browne Company Testimonial Charles Browne - Charlie Browne Company
  • "Their services, attention to detail, personal follow through and quick response are a real asset that unfortunately most businesses are lacking today."
    Todd Construction Services Testimonial Glenn Todd - Todd Construction Services
    "ACU Web is destined to do well because they are so devoted to their clients. They always makes you feel that you are the only client. We are excited to partner with ACU Web."
    ECFirst Testimonial Ali Pabrai - ecFirst
  • "The ACU Web team have proven to be a valuable asset in the ever evolving tech space. Austin is forward thinking and highly flexible, and has an understanding of his clients goals and objectives."
    Superior Technology Testimonial Dave John - Superior Technology
    "Acuweb helped my website get to the top of the organic searches for my four keywords on Google and my phone has been ringing off the hook."
    Recycle Junkies Testimonial Mike Dockstader - The Recycle Junkies
ACU Web Team

Our Adwords Experts are dedicated to grow your business

Our team of Adwords pros research your industry and your top competitors to get the most bang for your buck for your campaigns. We also will provide detailed reports and work with you to optimize your Adwords and landing page so your leads not only visit your website but actually convert to money in your pocket.
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Pay Per Click (PPC) is an Internet advertising model for websites, where advertisers pay the host only when their ad is clicked. On search engines, advertisers bid on keyword phrases relevant to their target audience. Reach people when they are actively looking for information about your products and services online and send targeted visitors directly to what you are offering. With Pay Per Click pricing and bidding, it’s easy to control costs-and you only pay when people click on your ad. With Pay Per Click you are also able to control where people land when they click on your ad. This allows you to direct people to your specific product or service page which will help increase your conversion rates.

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