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Local Listing Optimization (LLO)

Local Listing Optimization


Create More Sales Oppurtunities

According to Google local searches are responsible for about 20% of all Google searches (that number climbs to about 33% for Google searches via the mobile Web). When you consider the fact that Google’s search volume for August 2010 was a little over 10.2 billion searches in the US alone, you can begin to appreciate just how significant the demand is for local content.

Who Looks Online?

Though it varies by age studies show that people choose the internet first when looking for a product or service. Age: 55 and older – 56% look online first – 41% look offline first Age: 35 to 54 – 69% look online first – 27% look offline first Age: 18 to 34 – 81% look online first – 12% look offline first

Get On The Map And Get Found

A business always wants to attract customers to their website. Depending on your business it often helps if those customers are also local to you. Local listings optimization is the art of optimizing your information on the internet to make sure that your business shows up well whenever someone searches locally for your product or services. This may be a search on Google Places, Yahoo Local or many of the other sites along these lines. As a business owner, you are probably aware that it is critical that your business has an online presence. One of the most effective pieces of online real estate you can secure is the local map section set up through Google Places and other search engine local listing centers.

ACU Web Put Me On The Map!

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A Few Examples Of Our Results

Local Listing - Google Places Optimization - Dental Implants
Local Listing - Google Places Optimization - Financial Advisor
Local Listing - Google Places Optimization - Internet Marketing
Local Listing - Google Places Optimization - Criminal Defense
Local Listing - Google Places Optimization - Dental Implants
Local Listing - Google Places Optimization
Local Listing - Google Places Optimization- Carpet Cleaning
Local Listing - Google Places Optimization - Criminal Defense