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You Should Become The Mayor of Your City…

… on Merchant Circle 😉

Merchant Circle is a great social networking tool for businesses and its free. It’s a great way to connect with local businesses and prospects in your industry or target vertical market.

ACU Web setup its Merchant Circle account mid last year and we have been working on becoming the Mayor ever since. Fortunately for us Riverside isn’t a huge metro area and not many businesses have caught on yet. Though many join everyday. When we joined one local business was firmly set as the mayor and we have been nipping at their heels ever since. I expect by this time next month we’ll have taken the ruling spot.

Why is it important to become the Mayor?

There are two main reasons, as we see it, to become Mayor.

1. Free Advertising

2. Lots of connections

Free Advertising;

As the mayor you get roughly a 260px by 260px ad space on every page related to your city. Depending on the size of your city and the traffic on MerchantCircle for it this can equate to decent ad impressions and nothing beats FREE advertising. In the image to the right, scaled way down, you can see an example of an ad in Riverside for the current, soon to be us, Mayor. I’ve also made it click-able so you can see the full page for yourself if you choose.

Lots of connections;

To become the Mayor you must have the most connections of anyone in your city. This alone is a good reason to strive to become Mayor. After all what’s the point of joining a business networking site if you aren’t networking. We spend 10-15 minutes everyday trying to make connections. Initially its easy, just click on the “Network” tab then the “Invite other Merchant Circle members” link. When you start the process, or when new listings are added, Merchant Circle will automatically populate potential connection. Just check all of them and click the “Send Invitation” button. I haven’t taken the time to count it but it seems as though they only allow 100 invites per day. So depending on the size of your city and number of members it may take a few days or weeks to exhaust the auto populated options. Once you get through those you should continue to try to get new invites everyday. You have to start being create though and I will list 5 ways that will help you do this;

1. Search for common words found in business names. (i.e. plumbing, law, service, group etc…)

2. Search for large street names in your city.

3. Search for your city and state in the name field.

4. Search for common words and abbreviations in addresses. (i.e. Street, Way, St., P.O., Ste., Suite, etc…)

5. Search for numbers and letters. For letters start at A and go through the whole Alphabet. For numbers start at 1 and keep trying as long as you can stand it.


If you are interested in connecting to businesses both locally and abroad Merchant Circle is a good place to do it. Its free and provides an opportunity for free ad space. If you haven’t already join the site and start connecting!

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