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Writing Effective Titles That Get Your Articles Indexed

Article Writing TipsWhen writing Internet articles, authors must consider how to catch reader and search engine attention. As the gateway to an article, a title must be interesting but also help an article get indexed. Therefore, writers must create articles that are both reader and search engine friendly.

Here are five tips that will help you construct titles in order to draw reader and search engine attention.

Tip 1: Include the main keyword and related keywords in the title.

Search engines primarily search for keywords. As they index pages, the number of keywords in an article will be analyzed. The title is the first item a search engine reads, so a correct number of title keywords is vital.

Tip 2: Place the keyword early in the title.

The number of keywords that you have in your article title is one thing, but placement of words is another. Search engines believe the most relevant words in a title are those at the beginning. Put the most important keywords first.

Tip 3: Find the right keyword(s).

Correct positioning of title words is very important, however, authors must carefully choose which relevant words to use in order to reach readers. The use of online keyword finders can help you determine what words are most popular. Two similar keywords may get highly different traffic, so the right keyword is important.

Tip 4: Use unique keywords.

When choosing keywords, one should consider phrase uniqueness. A particular word or phrase may be popular among Internet authors, but often used keywords can get lost in the crowd. To stand out from the rest, choose a unique term that is relevant to your topic but still receives enough searches to justify using it.

Tip 5: Go for long titles

It is commonly advised that authors keep titles as concise as possible. This is true when catching the attention of readers, but a long title can be more attractive to search engines. A long title allows an author to use multiple essential words and word phrases. Make sure that the words you want readers to see will be placed in the first part of the title. This allows readers to see the important article ideas even when a long title is cut short by a web browser.

Your article title is crucial, so pay attention when writing it. Keep both readers and the search engines in mind to get the best results.

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