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Wondering Why Your Google Rankings Have Dropped Suddenly?

The release of the Panda Google algorithm update back in February of 2011 had dramatic impacts on a large number of websites. The purpose of the update was to change how links, website content, and general Google SEO updates were perceived by the search engine.

Google Keyword Rank Dropping?

The biggest impact of a Google algorithm update is a drop in Google page rank. The page rank is how a site ranks for a search result. Search engines, such as Google, are moving to results that are oriented towards organic search results. If a website is not properly optimized for the Google SEO updates, then it will not appear near the top of a search engine result page.

Google page rank is important for a business that needs to generate leads and customers. If a website is not up-to-date with the SEO requirements of Google, then it will be negatively impacted by the present and future Google algorithm update changes. The Panda 3.6 update that was released back in April of 2012 saw a shift in the ranking results of various websites. One main focus of the update was the importance that was put on web page content and linking.

Avoid Bad Links!
  • Links from pages having no content
  • Poor quality links from irrelevant sites
  • Links from sites crammed with advertisements

Websites with unnatural links saw a decline in Google page rank even after performing a variety of Google SEO updates based on warnings sent out via Google Webmaster Tools. Many sites with anchor text using unnatural links or bad backlinks were penalized by the latest Google algorithm update. Websites that were affected negatively by Panda 3.6 and subsequent updates need to re-evaluate the links used to generate traffic.

Poor quality links can be found for the website of a small business by using a variety of factors. All the links need to be relevant to the content for each web page. The content of the linking page cannot be of poor quality of considered negatively by Google. This includes websites with little content of value and have duplicate content. Links should also not come from any content farms or websites that display more ads than content.

Time To Rank Banner

Websites that have been affected by a Google algorithm update need to take a series of steps to recover their Google page rank. One way to do this is to perform basic SEO that targets keyword usage and the use of links. A specific link building strategy is needed to help recover from an unfavorable downgrade after a Google algorithm update.

Recovering Google page rank is a process that involves reviewing link building strategies. The use of a single keyword or phrase for anchor text is no longer valid for link building. Anchor text that is used on a web page needs to be natural with matching keywords in the content and title tags. Websites will need to have target keywords used as anchor text. If the anchor text is wasted on a non-descriptive link, then it is not bringing Google SEO updates any value.

Building quality links is a task that requires following Google Webmaster Guidelines. This ensures that a website is meeting search engine guidelines and not risking a loss of Google page rank. Removal of a website with low-quality content or bad links is the purpose of future Panda updates. A business should not rely on old link building methods for Google SEO updates. This includes using links from sites that have more ads than content and sites irrelevant to the content of the linked web page.

Help is available to help restore the ranking of a penalized website on Google. Link building for new Panda releases will need to focus on acceptable tools, such as social media.

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