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What Makes A Great Website Design?

The foundation of a great website design can be summarized into 3 elements; namely Design, Content, and Organization.

When designing your website, your focus would normally be on what the primary goals of that website are, and finding the best ways to achieve these goals. For example, if you were planning on setting up an online store, your emphasis would be how to provide a secure checkout system. However, achieving your primary goals will only result in a website that will carry out the functions that you intend for it; but will not make your website great.

If your desire is to have a great website that stands out from all others, then you will have to have your goals right on one hand, but also work on the 3 elements; Design, Content, and Organization, in order to harness the full potential of your website.

Building a Great Website Design: Visual Design

The first impression is usually very important, especially when it comes to business. In the same way that you would wear your best suit to go for that important job interview, or thoroughly clean your house before inviting guests over, is the same way that you should treat your website. For your website to create an impression, you should make sure that it is visually appealing. The layout and presentation of information must be professionally done. Also, ensure that your site is easy to navigate, and has clean and nicely done graphics.

Building a Great Website Design: Content

Content is what will make or break your website. A great website must have well-written content that is unique, useful, informative, and educational to your target audience. Even if you are not offering unique products or services, your content must be original and be aimed at providing a valuable and different approach to whatever it is you are offering. The content on your website should be targeted at your audience; hence, you should know what your target audience wants. It is also important that the content be updated regularly.

Building a Great Website Design: Organization

Organization refers to the manner in which the information on your website is laid out. Organization is what will determine the ease with which, visitors to your site are able to find what they are looking for. A great website will not have too much information on one page; neither will it have too little. Finding the balance as to what information will appear, and where it appears is the secret to creating a great website. A nice strategy that many websites use is adopting a hierarchical structure, whereby information is accessed via a professionally, designed navigation system. The organization should be such that information is categorized, with regard to its relevance, for example, according to prices, or topics.

Building a Great Website Design: Finding the Balance

Sometimes, it might be difficult to incorporate the 3 elements into your website; at least in equal proportions. Since content has no direct conflict with the other 2 elements, you may be forced to choose between visual design and organization. In most cases, a great visual design is more important than the organization. Nonetheless, even though you may choose to invest in a great visual design, you must strike a balance to ensure that visitors to your site are able to find their way.


Overall, you must consider very many aspects, if you are to build a great website, but the 3 main elements discussed above are a good start for you. So what makes a great website design? The answer is quite simple – Great Design, Great Content, and Great Organization.

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