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Social Media Monitoring – 5 Tips To Make It Easier

When it comes to the exciting world of Social Media Marketing, monitoring your Internet presence is incredibly important and will help you grow your company. There are a large number of business owners, as well as business marketers whom are concerned with time constraints and productivity issues. Social Media Marketing is a booming area of the advertising industry and is also an easy and valuable approach to communicating your brand. You don’t need a whole team devoted to monitoring these advantageous platforms. With the vast availability of free tips and extremely useful tools, a single person is more than able to easily monitor their own social media presence. By utilizing the following basic five steps you’ll quickly find that it is very simple to build a strong social media marketing routine. These important five tips are as follows: 1. Use Tools 2. Use Google Alerts 3. Use Facebook Stats 4. Use RSS Feeds 5. Use Google Reader socialmediamonitoring 1. Use Tools While on Twitter use tools like that of TweetDeck or Twitter Search to keep an eye out for Tweets pertaining to your company. This small step should take about 2 minutes. 2. Use Google Alerts When using Google Alerts, set up your search terms to scan for your company name, products, or brand terms. This should be an easy process where you can receive alerts as you wish and respond promptly. This process should take only 2 minutes. 3. Use Facebook Stats When using Facebook statistics on your company’s Facebook page, it’s simple and will take about 1 minute. As a page administrator, you can check for active users and interact with potential clients. 4. Use RSS Feeds With just three minutes of your time, combining LinkedIn and Google Reader, you can set up an RSS feed to find related industry questions which you can respond to, involving your company in active conversations. In your reply, be sure to include a link to your website or blog when it can be beneficial to your market. 5. Use Google Reader Check Flickr, Digg and others also using Google Reader. It will take about 3 minutes. Google Reader is a great way to audit several of your social media sites and consolidate your searches with assistance of your RSS feed.

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