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Retargeting is Key to Search Advertising


If you run a business, it is important to market it over the Internet. One effective way you can do that is to feature your own web site. Another is to take advantage of search engine advertising. The first reason why search engine advertising is valuable is that it is very fast and agile. The second is that search engine advertising is a cost-effective way to get the word out about your company. Although this method has proven to be effective, it is not the only way you should advertise.

An additional way to advertise you should consider involves search retargeting, a unique advertising method. The component that makes search retargeting more valuable than search engine advertising is its web site visitor tracking capability. It is essential to keep track of what your visitors do on your web site and how long they stay on it so that you have a good shot at bringing them back.

The search retargeting process heavily focuses on display advertising. The way this works is that the way your visitors arrive to your web site is monitored. The keywords they use to find you through the search engines and their decision to click the search engine listings pertaining to web sites that compete with yours are recognized. As this information is used, ads that are relevant to what your visitors are looking for are displayed. It is likely that some of these ads will describe your web site and provide the link to it. In addition to attracting new visitors to your web site, this is useful in helping prior visitors find you again.

Other factors that come into play with search retargeting include site retargeting, speed, repetition and merging. A complete description of these factors is included below:

Site Retargeting

Display ads are shown to people who recently came to your website. It is easier to target those who click a search ad to visit a particular web site repeatedly.


Retargeting involves quickly identifying those who arrived to your web site through an ad and quickly departed your site. It is vital to soon find them and appeal to them with a special promotion or call to action while you are still fresh on their minds.


Part of the retargeting process is letting consumers see your ad repeatedly. The more frequently you connect with them, the more likely you are going to benefit from advertising your products and services to them as they see what you have to offer when they are finally ready to make a purchase.


What this means is that search engine advertising is combined with the use of display ads. Many who browse the Internet are more likely to visit a web site if they see a display ad for it rather than if they only see a search engine result pertaining to that site.

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