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Nothing beats a good client testimonial!

Client testimonials are an important part of advertising and selling your product. In fact, many customers often look at the testimonials before deciding whether or not to purchase a particular item. The only downside to testimonial advertising is that sometimes it is difficult to get previous clients to leave feedback without offering them some type of incentive. In this post we give you some ideas on how to get testimonials from your clients and what works best.

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Don’t be afraid to ask for a testimonial.

Soliciting a client testimonial from a customer is important, since most people who are satisfied with their purchases will not think to leave feedback for a product without prompting from the business. A great way to solicit a client testimonial is to offer discounts on future products. If the client is happy with their purchase, they will gladly leave an excellent review for your product in order to get a discount on their next purchase.

Nothing beats video, pics are great too.

Client testimonials help to establish a trusting relationship with a customer, especially if the customer can view a picture or video of the product. However, pictures and videos are hard to come by because customers often will not take the time on their own to produce this type of media. Your company could offer enticing incentives such as deep discounts on their next purchase or consider having a contest on your website in which the best video or picture that features your product wins a great prize. YouTube is a popular place to post videos. Picture testimonials probably work best when posted in emails or on the front page of your website.

Get your clients to post their review or testimonial on 3rd party sites.

A client testimonial is even more powerful when posted on a third party website, such as Facebook or Twitter. It gives the testimonial more credibility when a customer sees a glowing review of your product posted on a website other than your own. It is very easy to add a live Twitter feed to your website and create a Facebook page for your business. Social networking sites are the most popular sites on the web, so the potential for mass exposure for your company and its products for is limitless.

Spend some time to get testimonials, it’s worth it!

Client testimonials are one of the most effective and cheapest methods of advertising your product. While some clients will leave feedback for free, it costs very little to solicit testimonials as compared to other methods of advertising. It can be worth your while to spend a few hours calling your best clients to let them know how much you appreciate their business and to ask them to leave feedback for you on your website.

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