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Making the Most of Internet Marketing – FAQs

We are always thinking about our clients and their SMB’s, of course our own too, and how we can best apply internet marketing to help increase traffic, leads and revenue. We came up with a few frequently asked or discussed questions that we thought you might find useful.

Q: Which of the newest Internet marketing trends are most important? Which ones are largest on your radar?

A: Three main categories: mobile, social, and video. They’re each an enormous part of what we do online, and that’s going to be a growing trend. The market is ready for innovators to turn creative concepts into new marketing tools and strategies, so businesses should consider where they can have the most impact.

Q: How important is a social media presence such as a Facebook page or Twitter feed?

A: For nearly every small business, the answer is “extremely so.” Social networking sites represent more than 15% of all US Internet visits for the month of January, 2011. The principle benefit is access to this enormously large user demographic at no cost. The major social networks are entirely free, making them an ideal choice for businesses seeking low-cost Internet marketing.

Q: Where should small business owners focus their attention when considering their Internet marketing strategy?

A: Three main areas: the goal, where to start, and available resources. The Goal; The primary concern is coming up with a coherent strategy. Small businesses with modest goals for Internet marketing may only wish to provide basic business information such as the address and hours of operation. Businesses geared towards e-commerce will need product information pages, photos, and an accessible ordering interface.

Where To Start; A lot must be done, so knowing where to begin is an important part of success in Internet marketing. Promote the business through local media, a company website, and social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. Blogs and website creation tools such as WordPress can help to bring in new customers from the web.

Available Resources; Prioritizing resources keeps costs low while allowing the business to exploit several different types of Internet marketing media at once. Pictures, logos, and promotional text from a website can be quickly resized and repurposed to serve as an icon or descriptive box on a Facebook page. This technique minimizes setup time and allows the business to expand as new Internet marketing opportunities arise. Remember to promote online marketing tools such as Facebook pages at the business itself.

Q: What are the most important features for a small e-commerce business website?

A: The best websites are those that make information very easy for customers to access. Think of the main questions visitors to your business website would have, and then make that information obvious.

Be sure to understand the basics of search engine optimization techniques. If your website requires plugins or any outside software, understand the effect it will have on your Page Rank statistics and your keyword rates.

Q: Some of the best-known Internet marketing techniques on the web include sites such as Groupon.com and other that encourage deal-sharing. What is important to consider when thinking about using these services?

A: Make sure the numbers work out. For some businesses, deal-sharing is a winning technique, but it can easily lead to disaster if your company is unprepared to handle a sudden surge of business. It’s a great way to meet lots of new customers, whoever, so be sure to provide the best possible experience to retain them as long-term clients.

We think these items may help you think through how you want to approach internet marketing for your business. If you have any more questions we would be happy to answer them directly. CONTACT US

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