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Linkedin Marketing – 5 Things You Should Do

LinkedIn is one of the most powerful and versatile tool for social marketing. This service is especially useful for online networking with other professionals. There are five easy tools built into LinkedIn that makes marketing and connecting with others much easier. Try out these features to boost your LinkedIn marketing efforts immediately.
  1. Add A Variety Of Applications
  2. Get Creative At The LinkedIn Labs
  3. Explore Local And National Events
  4. Create Or Join A Few Groups
  5. Build A Custom News Feed For Quick Updates
LinkedInMakreting 1. Add A Variety Of Applications LinkedIn marketing is much more effective when you take advantage of the third-party tools. Each of the applications adds a new dimension to your profile and encourages online networking. Choose the Box.net Files widget and share any type of file with your network. A simple PDF white sheet could help you turn a colleague into a client. Displaying your Amazon Reading List could spark up some interesting conversations. You might be able to use this as a social marketing tool for your own books. If you have a separate blog, complete the cycle of social marketing by connecting it to your profile with the Blog Link application from SixApart. Artists and designers can display their work with the gallery application that links to Behance. There are dozens of other options to increase the level of interactivity on your LinkedIn marketing profile. 2. Get Creative At The LinkedIn Labs The LinkedIn designers provide tools for thinking about online networking in unusual ways. Peeking at some of the data contained in the “Labs” area could inspire you to improve your practices. You can see all of your connections with co-workers and clients on a single timeline, or view a visual that tracks the top ranking companies based on search volume. There are also small applications that help you find data and access your profile when not at the computer. New experiments are added on a regular basis, so check in every month or so to see what LinkedIn marketing tools have been added. 3. Explore Local And National Events Online networking can jump start your career, but you also need to focus on offline meetings as well. Finding relevant clubs, lectures or social gatherings is easy with the “Events” section at LinkedIn. You can enter any keyword, such as your industry or a personal interest, to find all public social marketing events related to it. Other suggestions are displayed on your profile. The website selects these based on keywords in your profile and events your connections attend. If you want to work on your local social marketing efforts, filter the listings by location. Date sorting is helpful for planning out your convention visits over the next year. 4. Create Or Join A Few Groups The creative individuals who enjoy LinkedIn marketing have started thousands of small groups since the beginning of the network. Each group is focused on a specific industry, specialization, skill group or other demographic. The “Groups” button, located at the top of the screen, is your gateway to effective social marketing. You can share your experiences and ask for advice with other professionals from across the globe. The page will display groups that your connections participate in. You can also search with keywords and phrases to find the perfect groups for online networking. There are nearly 1 million groups using the English language, and hundreds more in every language supported by the website. 5. Build A Custom News Feed For Quick Updates Sorting through all of the news regarding career issues, business regulations and industry announcements can take hours out of each day. Cutting down the time spent on reading news can leave you with more energy to focus on LinkedIn Marketing. Simplify the news you read with just one tool. Adjust what your online networking profile displays with the “LinkedIn Today” feature. Enter your interests, including your educational plans, industry affiliations and investments. Clicking the “News” button will only display relevant information. You can add individual news sources or just track everything posted under a specific category. The website will even send you a daily and weekly digest if you don’t have time to visit and read.

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