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Pulling Data from Tables for Search Results: Google’s “Structured Snippets”

You should be asking yourself, “What’s in my table?” Why? Because Google reads it! The all powerful, all knowing Google has introduced something called, “Structured Snippets” which is a feature that will incorporate the data from your tables into search results.

This means if you have a clothing line (OverwatchApparel.com) and have tables that list sizes and measurements, Google will be able to pull that data accurately from that table and display them neatly when someone searches for you.

google structured snippets

For example:

If someone searched for a Nikon D7100 they would get a result similar to this:

google structured snippets

Google will be pulling data from tables and seamlessly integrating it in their search engine. The trick is how they will rank important data and how they distinguish relevant information and websites that just use tables for formatting.

Here is another example of someone searching information about Superman:

google structured snippets table data

How does this apply to me and how can it make me money?

Cat WebsiteOf course you want to know how you can exploit this feature so you can drive millions of people to your site to read blogs about your cat. You really can’t. But if you weigh & measure your cats and have a table with all their color patterns, when people search for “cat hoarders” maybe it’ll display all that information neatly in their search result.

Here are some tips on how to create good tables for Google’s Structured Snippets

  • Narrow down everything in your table to only important information.
  • Make sure to use Table Headings <th> because this helps Google figure out good data
  • Use attribute names in table headings that are relevant to the data. It will help Google rank it as more important information to display
  • Use good titles and captions and compatible content on the page with the table
  • A huge factor for Google to use your table is the ranking of the page your table is on and how many good backlinks it has so place your table on a good page

Having good and well structured information in your search results can lead to more conversions. So make some good tables and show the world your awesome cats!

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