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Enter the URL of any landing page or blog article and see how optimized it is for one keyword or phrase.

Free SEO Website Audit Tool

With our free SEO Audit tool, you can run a quick detailed SEO report of your website and see what issues need to be fixed in order to rank higher on Google. When you submit your information, our audit tool will take a few seconds and scan your website. Once it is completed you will instantly be shown a report that has your website’s SEO health along with your website’s SEO score.

“How Do I Improve My Google Rank?”

Google’s ranking system is determined by an algorithm that reads your website’s code along with hundreds of other ranking factors. The score it gives you is compared to your competitor’s score and that’s what dictates your website’s position in a search result. For the most part, Google’s exact algorithm is a secret but any good internet marketing company will know the most important ranking factors Google is looking for and make sure your website meets their criteria.

The first step is to make sure your website’s SEO is healthy. Things like meta tags, meta descriptions, alt tags, keyword density, site speed, and mobile friendliness are the absolute basics of your SEO foundation. If your site doesn’t have these things set up and your competitor’s site does, Google’s algorithm will rank their site higher than yours. By using our free SEO tool you will see which of these ranking factors you website is missing.

Now You’ll Know What Google Wants To See

Google looks at a lot of stuff when deciding who should show up at the top of their results. Some of these things include how many people link to your site and talk about you. They also look at your reviews, social presence and all of the content you post on your site. They also care about how people interact with your site, how long they visit, how many pages they look at and so on. Our SEO Services can help with all of these but the first step is always making sure your site looks, functions and behaves like google wants it to. This report will show you what you can do to improve how Google feels about your site. Once that’s handled then you can dig into things like backlinks and new content.

Your SEO Page Audit Includes

  • How Fast Your Site Loads
  • How Good Your URL Is
  • How Well Your Keyword Is Used On The Page
  • How Your Site Looks On Mobile
  • A Checklist Of What You Need To Fix
  • And more…
SEO Rank Checker

Does it matter if your business shows up on Google?

Only if you want it to succeed… check out some of these stats and decide for yourself.

    • Google still controls 75% of all U.S. searches.
    • There are nearly 3 BILLION searches on Google every day!
    • Digital interactions influenced retail sales to the tune of $2.2 trillion in 2015.
    • More than half are searching for a business on their phone.
    • Nearly 80% of local searches result in offline purchases.
    • Nearly ALL (96%) of PC owners search online for local products or services.
    • source:
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