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email marketing – Tips to Increase Newsletter Sign Ups by Over 50%

A very important part of life cycle marketing is email marketing. When you are able to start a conversation with your potential customers and engage them effectively, it becomes much easier to get the ball rolling. You can start the process of engaging potential customers simply by encouraging them to take advantage of a newsletter sign up. This article contains a few tips that are easy to implement and designed to increase your chances of convincing a reader to try a newsletter sign up.

1) Don’t Ask for Too Much Info

The first tip is to keep from asking for too much information. It is tempting to try to gobble up as much information about your visitors as possible while email marketing. However, try not to come off like the creepy stranger who wants every last bit of information about every last person. You will be fine if you just start your list with a name and an email address. If you start looking for too much information right off the bat with your newsletter sign up, you run the risk of scaring away potential customers who don’t want to lose their privacy just yet. When you lower the barrier of commitment, people who visit your site will be more at ease.

2) Start Collecting Email Addresses Today

The second tip is to start collecting your email marketing addresses today. It sounds like an obvious piece of advice, but you would be surprised to find out that there are tons of companies out there that don’t even have an email list set up, never mind some form of email marketing or a newsletter sign up. All you need to start an email list is to pick a customer and ask him or her for an email address.

3) Forward Me!

The third tip is to use forwarding. Email marketing grows well organically. When your readers are inspired to pass your content on to friends and family, you are doing well. Make sharing easy: include buttons and links that allow visitors to forward content to friends. Try newsletter signup links.

4) Test Email Collection

The fourth tip is to test your system of email collection early and often. You can do this by trying different messages about your newsletter sign up, or by using different kinds of text, buttons, and colors, or by trying out different forms for email marketing and email collection; this might even mean changing the location and sizes of forms on the page.

We know of someone who was able to increase the newsletter sign up rates for his site by 54 percent simply through describing what came with signing up: CD discounts, free mp3 demos, and a promise that customers would not receive more than a couple of emails each month.

5) Test Your HTML Newsletters to Make Sure They Display Properly

The fifth tip is to preview your HTML newsletters to make sure they look right on websites. There is little worse than a newsletter that looks terrible in your browser. Take the time to preview it through an HTML newsletter tester such as Litmus to make sure things look good before you send them out.

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