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Dental Website Internet Marketing

When Dentists Want To Get More Patients Here Is What They Do…

Are you looking to grow your practice, get more patients and enjoy a high ROI on your marketing spend? Of course it’s yes to all of those. Through Dental Internet Marketing we’ve helped our clients achieve all of these and it only took these three easy steps.

They See How They Are Currently Doing

It’s important to know where you stand whenever you start something new. Otherwise you won’t know whether the new thing is working or not. Talk about stats, reports, consultation…

Dental Internet Marketing

Find Out How Your Site Is Doing

  • Overall SEO Page Grade
  • Site Speed
  • Good Signals
  • Issues Found
  • Landing Page Audit
  • Copy Analysis
  • Mobile Page Rating
  • And more…

They Talk To Us

We’ve helped our dental clients get thousands of new patients and generate millions in revenue!

We like to focus on getting “butts in seats”. Most dental marketing companies are just interested in how well you rank on Google and how many leads they help generate. We take it a step further. We track and optimize the sales and marketing process to make sure we convert searches for dental implants and other dental services into people actually showing up. i.e. Butts In Seats. We’ve gone as far as having a dedicated sales rep working in our office handle the new leads so that a high percentage actually show up for that all important first appointment.

Check out this post on lead management.

  • We Get Butts In Seats! – We have gotten our clients thousands of new patients. We not only generate new leads but we can help you get them to their first appointment.
  • We Generate Revenue – We have generated millions in revenue for our clients.
  • We Track Your ROI – We aren’t happy just because your site traffic is up or you have keywords on the first page of Google. We work to make sure you have a positive ROI and can track it effectively.

They Enjoy The Growth And Profits

Our Dental Internet Marketing Experts are dedicated to growing your practice.

Dental Internet Marketing

Our specialty is the ever growing dental implant market. We have generated thousands of patients and millions in revenue for our clients. The new patients we generate also generate referrals and need other services.

Find Our How Your Site Ranks Now

Use the form on the top right to see how you are doing and then give us a call with any questions you might have.

Use the form below to see how you are doing and then give us a call with any questions you might have.

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