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Cheap SEO – You Get What You Pay For

In today’s struggling economy, business owners are looking for ways to trim the fat out of their budgets. Many decide to scale back on online marketing expenditures by using cheap SEO services. While it may seem like a reasonable idea on the surface, the reality is that this type of poor quality marketing will fail.

Cheap SEO results in no sales. An old adage says, “If you can’t do it well, then don’t do it at all.” This is certainly true of your online presence. Why go through the effort at all if you are just going to be relegated to internet purgatory? You would be better off investing in traditional print advertising.

Effective Search Engine Optimization doesn’t just magically happen. It is the result of many hours of hard work. Creating a functional website, adding quality content and building links takes time. It requires an understanding of how search engine algorithms work and which marketing platforms will deliver traffic. All of these things cost money.

Here are some examples of how cheap SEO can hurt you:

  • As the popularity of the internet continues to explode, search engines are cracking down on useless content and spam. The result is that many cheap content mills have been shut down. The risk of buying into a low quality Search Engine Optimization service is two-fold. The first is that the major search engines won’t rank your content.The second is that using cheap SEO content completely defeats the point of this type of marketing. Content is used to build an interest in your product or service. It has to engage the user and encourage them to perform some action. Search Engine Optimization is still a sales tool, regardless of whether the piece overtly sells something or not.

  • Link building farms are cheap SEO tools that can get you into a lot of trouble. Some amateur marketers inadvertently stumble into this, only to discover they wind up banned on major search engines. Others still try to buy links to willfully cheat the system. Either way, unethical Search Engine Optimization tactics will fail.Successful link building takes an enormous amount of time to develop online connections. You most definitely can buy these connections from a Search Engine Optimization professional, but it will cost you. There is no secret formula that guarantees overnight success.

  • Low cost design and website development is other sure fire way to damage your online presence. Aside from multiple errors and security issues, these sites are usually not user friendly. A functional site integrates solid Search Engine Optimization tactics to encourage people to do three things: find the site, read the content, and interact with the site.

  • Social Media marketing isn’t free. While the platforms themselves don’t charge you, it takes a warm body to manage these accounts. This person must be paid for the hours spent creating campaigns, post, building a relevant audience, and managing the account. The results must be tracked and calculated to show how this strategy is improving a business. Beware companies that promise you 10,000 new fans a month. What good does this do you if none of them are interested in your goods?

  • Unethical black hat SEO practitioners can damage your online reputation. They manipulate the html code in order to trick search engines into ranking the site higher. These sites are easily identifiable. When you click on the page, you will discover completely irrelevant content. You can wind up with a site that is banned. Delayed gratification may be difficult, but it is worth it in the long run.

The bottom line is that you have to recognize that the concept of cheap SEO is fiction. You will wind up paying a real Search Engine Optimization professional twice as much to fix your mistake. Hire correctly from the start. Find an expert who can show you examples of their work, but also is dedicated to doing a thorough job. You want them to take their time and deliver results that will last.

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