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Article Writing Tips – Using Your Content to Generate Back Links

Article Writing TipsWhen it comes to the top SEO methods for luring targeted traffic to your site, it is no secret that article marketing remains the most effective method of improving your search engine page rank. Generating and marketing high quality content is such a productive promotional technique due to the fact that well-written content is so versatile.

In addition to traditional methods like keyword optimization, solid content that follows time proven article writing tips can also be used to generate very valuable back links. Back links are links that from other websites that point back to your site, and all of the major search engines take a site’s quantity and quality of back links heavily into consideration when they are determining a site’s page rank. With that in mind, here is some inside information on how you can use article writing tips to generate top-notch back links.

Take Advantage of All of the Major Article Directories

One of the biggest mistakes that many people make when they are trying to promote their site using high quality content is that they fail to put their content to work for them. Remember, you are free to submit the same content to multiple article directories so long as you follow their article writing tips and guidelines. As a bonus, some article directories like ArticleBase and eZineArticles have such a high volume of traffic that you will generate a plenty of new organic hits to your site in addition to creating brand new back links.

Do Not Sacrifice Quality in Sake of Quantity

When you are first learning the basics of how to generate back links with your content, it can be tempting to go overboard by ordering a high volume of low priced articles that you can spread throughout your growing article marketing empire. Unfortunately, it is nearly impossible to keep your quality standards under control when you are dealing with a massive quantity of content.

Instead, stick to following the standard article writing tips that have been proven to generate dynamic, informative content. Try to generate and distribute content that you can imagine one of you peers being so impressed by that they will include a link to your content on their own site.

Do Not Pigeonhole Yourself with Your Content

Although it is sometimes rewarding to share a specific piece of knowledge with your readers that you know only a few people will really appreciate, it is best to focus on content that attracts a wider audience when you are generating content for article marketing purposes.

One of the most important article writing tips to bear in mind when you are generating this type of content is to simply imagine the type of audience that you want to reach with your content. In most cases, you will find that you can reach a higher volume of targeted readers by including content that is related to your particular niche in addition to other articles that allow you to go into your specialty in greater detail.

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