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5 Ways You Can Tap Into Social Media Marketing

With over 75% of consumers using social media ignoring it as a marketing channel would be a mistake. Don’t fear though, its not as tough as you might think. Here are five ways that you can enter the social marketing area without breaking the bank. 1. Get on Facebook 2. Start a Blog 3. Post Videos on YouTube. 4. Join MerchantCircle 5. Join Linkedin Social Media Marketing 1. Get on Facebook Facebook has become a giant and has reached traffic and usage greatness that puts it up there with Google! Creating an account is easy, just make sure you keep your message clear and find ways to work in your relevant keywords. Create a fan page where you can post updates, link to your site and blog and spread the word amongst friends and colleges already on facebook. 2. Start a Blog With tools such as WordPress creating and maintaining a blog has never been easier. Setup your blog and decide what type of dialog and information you want to provide. Think about what your customers care about and want they want to learn about. Provide tips and tricks that are relevant to your industry. Follow current news, that is relevant to your industry or business, and give your take on it. Add some humor and keep the tone conversational. Use your blog as a way to communicate and increase interest while demonstrating that you are a subject matter expert in your field. 3. Post Videos on YouTube. YouTube has billions, with a B, of views each month! If you have or can create videos about your products or services then YouTube is the place to distribute them. There are a ton of benefits that come with adding your videos to YouTube. Use your keywords in your title and description because Google places videos in its results and sometimes gives them priority. A company overview or a product demo is a great way to start. Make a plan to continually create and upload new content. 4. Join MerchantCircle MerchantCircle is a large online network that brings together businesses. With over 1 million businesses signed up its a great way to connect with other businesses for free. We’ve personally had great luck with it. A goal for any member of MerchantCircle should be reaching Mayor status for your area. Connections are tracked and the local business with the most local connections gets to be highlighted as Mayor for that city. This equates to free advertising as a 150×200, or so, size space is designated on every page for that city showing who the mayor is. This ad will help you increase the views to your profile. Take the time to fill out your profile, add pictures, list your products or services and answer questions. Its free and we feel you’ll see great ROI on your time investment. We personally spend about 15 minutes each day making connections and answering questions. 5. Join Linkedin Linkedin is a networking site for individual professionals. Have key people in your company create accounts, network and make connections. Make sure that everyone presents a consistent image and message for your company.

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Austin Coulson

Web Design and Internet Marketing have been passions of Austin’s for many years. While starting out by creating websites for himself, Austin ascertained many of the fundamentals and theory that constitute professional website development. Through networking and word-of-mouth, Austin soon began building and marketing websites for many different businesses and industries.

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