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5 Things To Do Right Now For Your Dental Practice’s Web Marketing

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I’ve been building and managing dental websites and marketing campaigns for over a decade now and I’m still surprised to see how many of the fundamentals most dental practices are missing when it comes to marketing online. With just a few simple changes, your dental practice will see a noticeable jump in leads and patients.

I’ve created this post to help out by listing the 5 critical things any dentist or office manager should make sure is done for their practice. Doing these things will help ensure that you receive the type and quantity of new leads you are looking for. If you don’t have the time or interest in taking care of these things yourself then let me know and I’ll be happy to help.

We can also provide a report card, for free, showing how your dental practice is doing online.

5 Things To Do Right Now For Your Dental Practice's Web Marketing

Here are the 5 Things To Check Right Now For Your Dental Practice’s Web Marketing


Make Sure You Have A Strong Website

What does it mean to have a strong website? I think it really boils down to this. Make sure it’s very clear to visitors what types of dental treatments you provide, why you are the right choice for them, your Dentist’s credentials, and how they can contact you to make an appointment. Making sure these things are easy to find and understand comes first.

Once those pieces are solid then start adding things like before and after pictures, patient testimonials, and other info that will help a visitor feel comfortable picking you over the competition.

If you don’t have a website yet check out this post on the 10 Essential Steps For Starting A Website


Try this: What is the first thing I notice when I go to my website?

Make Sure Your Website Works On Phones & Tablets

These days over 60% of people are searching for products or services on their phone. Also Google is favoring sites that have a good mobile design in their results when someone is searching for a dentist on their phone or tablet. So it’s important that your site is responsive. Meaning it displays well on desktops, phones and tablets.


Do this: Pull up your website on your phone. How does it look?

Claim & Optimize All Local Listings

When was the last time your searched for a local service like a plumber? I’ll bet one of the first people you looked into was someone that showed up towards the top of Google, Yahoo or Bing maps right? Have you ever wondered why other dentists are showing up above your practice on the maps? It really comes down to making sure you claim, manage and optimize every local listing that you can. You can use tools like Moz Local to see what listing you need to claim or clean up.


Try this: Go to Moz Local and search for your practice. How did you score?

Constantly Get New Reviews on Yelp & Google

I can’t even tell you how many times I have had a dentist tell me that they don’t want to be on Yelp and they don’t want to have anything to do with it. Unfortunately you don’t really have a choice any more. People are going to check your Yelp rating and Yelp is going to list your practice whether you like it or not. Also, people who aren’t happy are very likely to go on Yelp to post a bad review. People that are happy don’t seem to be as motivated to do it. So what do you do about it?

The only thing you can really do it make it a part of your process to ask happy patients to give you a review. It’s a numbers game, the more you ask them more reviews you will get. It also helps to have a flier or email that give patients instruction on how to find and review your practice on the different sites.


Try this: Search on Google for dentist in your city. How soon do you see Yelp? Probably #1 in the natural results. Now click on that and see if your practice shows up. If not, you need more reviews.

Have A Process For Managing Leads

We’ve helped generate thousands and thousands of new leads for our clients. Unfortunately a lot of those leads do not get the attention or follow up they deserve. If they aren’t called right away they go somewhere else. If they aren’t followed up with them never show up or never start treatment. It’s important to have a defined system for how to manage leads. How many time do you call, email or follow up with them? What type of info do you automatically send them? How do you confirm appointments and deal with no-shows? All of thee questions can be handled by having defined steps that your front desk, receptionist or treatment coordinator need to follow for each lead.


Do this: Look at your leads for last month and figure out your conversion rates for the following;

  • New Lead -> Contacted _____%
  • Contacted -> Made Appointment _____%
  • Made Appointment -> Showed Up _____%
  • Showed Up -> Started Treatment _____%

Go make it happen!

I’ve seen the above areas make huge impacts on dental practices. Hopefully you’ll dig into each and apply them to your practice.

We’re here to help too. Some of this stuff can be overwhelming when you have to handle it on top of managing your practice and keeping patients happy. That’s were we can come in to help. We currently help a lot of dentist’s generate millions in new review by handling their online marketing, website, social media, Pay-Per-Click, lead management and much more. We offer Free Consultations and I can also provide you with a break down of how you are currently doing online for free. If you are interested give me a call at 951.324.6856

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