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5 Key Considerations For Any Digital Marketing Plan

Have your started your Digital Marketing Plan for 2018?


With 2017 quickly coming to an end you should already be thinking about and planning your digital marketing for 2018 and beyond. In this post I’ll share 5 powerful pieces that you want to make sure you include in your marketing plan.

5 Key Considerations For Your 2018 Digital Marketing Plan

Here are the 5 Key Considerations For Any Digital Marketing Plan

Have A Clear Goal

Depending on your business model you’ll want to set different goals. For example are you trying to increase revenue or get more people to know about your brand. Once you know this your plan can also point towards that one goal. The goal should also be specific. If you want to grow your revenue then you’ll want to put by how much. Either a percentage or dollar amount. It will also help to have data like your average customer value, how many times they buy and so on. This way that revenue growth goal can also equate to a goal for how many new customers you want to get.


Do This: Set your goal and determine what smaller goals you might need to get there.

Know Your Target

Any time you market and especially online, you want to make sure you know who your target market is. The best way to approach this is to look at your current customers. Which ones are the easiest to work with, pay on time and are the kind of clients you want more of. Based on that create a profile of your target. Maybe it’s dentists who generate over $1mm a year in revenue and have a marketing budget of $10,000 or more per month.


Do This: Create a list of your favorite customers and use that to create a profile for your target audience.

Find Out Where They Spend Their Time

People in different industries, of different ages or sex spend their online time in different places. For example if you are targeting baby boomers then Facebook is a great medium for that. However, if you are after teenagers then you’ll need to be on Snapchat and Instagram. If you are after professionals or B2B clients then you probably want to use linked-in.


Do This: Review your target audience and do some research to find out what social media platforms they are using.

Create A Content & Ad Calendar

Once you know your goals, audience and where to find them it’s time to create ads and content. It’s important to have a calendar to schedule out what you want to post, share and create. This schedule should also address how often you want your content to be sent, what time of day etc.


Do This: Check out this content calendar and then use it to make your own.

Be Consistent But Willing To Adapt

Every time someone sees one of your ads or a piece of content they should know it’s from the same company and it should send the same core message. I.e. the cheapest price online. To make sure people always know it’s from you use consistent branding, colors, your logo and imagery. However, being willing to adapt based on how your previous content or ads have worked out. Always strive to improve how they perform and convert.


Do This: Make sure you have a list of branding requirements for each ad or content piece you create.

Now Go Conquer 2018!

I hope this info helps. I know there is way more that goes into a solid digital marketing plan but I just want you to keep these things in mind during your planning.

Feel free to comment or contact me any time with questions, suggestions for posts, comments or just to say what’s up!

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