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40 Tips for Your Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing Content Ideas

The biggest challenge to any business with an online social marketing presence is in providing content. Is your contest fresh and fluid? Is it relevant? Does it engage the audience? What sort of “hook” can you utilize to keep “eyeballs on the page”? Here are 40 social media marketing ideas to establish a strong digital presence.

There are 4 main areas to focus on

  1. Posts Related to Your Industry and Running Your Business
  2. Posts to Grow Your Business
  3. Posts to Retain Your Customers
  4. On the Personal Side

Posts Related to Your Industry and Running Your Business

1. Respond to inquiries about your industry or your business on social media sites. Don’t be afraid to address negative feedback. An honest response that takes ownership of a problem and asks for suggestions for improvement sends a positive message.

2. Write guest blog posts on other sites and link those to your website.

3. In return, have industry guest blog posts on your site.

4. Links to any industry news or industry-related sites. Provide an in-depth analysis of how that news affects your business or customers.

5. Offer a free e-book written by an industry insider.

6. Promote other businesses that you have positive relations with. Share and grow your customer base.

7. Post best practices suggestions for running a business. How do you run yours?

8. Promote community involvement. What has your business done to improve those you serve?

9. Establish a YouTube video channel about your industry or business

10. Employee recognition programs and why these are important to your staff.

Posts to Grow Your Business

1. Recent photos. Make sure the photos on your site are up-to-date. Images are powerful and are one of the most important social media marketing ideas for updated content.

2. Upcoming company events or trade show appearances

3. Positive customer testimonials. These should appear on your landing page as they invite the reader to discover what you have to offer.

4. New product launches or announcements about product updates.

5. Business operation updates. Make sure your customers know if you change store hours or enact new shipping policies.

6. Announcements about your employees. Have you added staff or promoted someone? Feature them in a profile.

7. Company recognition or awards

8. Posts on what makes you unique from your competitors

9. Target your audience or demographic through your content. You need not be all things to all people.

10. Your company history. How did you get from the idea to the actual business?

Posts to Retain Your Customers

1. Coupons or special offers. Everyone loves a “gift with purchase” or a perk like free shipping.

2. Videos on how to use your products or what customers can expect from your services.

3. Feature your customers using your product or benefiting from your services.

4. Link to other companies’ special offers for related products or services.

5. Daily tip. It can be about your business or something related to your business.

6. Links to other resources that give further insight or information about your business. Was your company featured on a business blog?

7. Develop your own resources for your business in the form of a white paper, training sessions or online chat.

8. Utilize QR codes on your website, your business cards, any marketing materials.

9. Encourage your customers to sign up for company emails.

10. Include social sharing on your website. Make it easy to share content to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.

On the Personal Side

1. Get personal! Announce new births, retirements, or monthly staff birthdays.

2. Monthly employee spotlight. Let others get to know your staff and how they came to work for you.

3. Personal guest post. Have an employee post on a topic important to them.

4. Publish a community calendar. Announce events and happenings in your community and link to those websites.

5. Quote of the day. Post your favorite motivational quote.

6. Charities your company supports or volunteer work that you do. Why did you select them and how do you support them?

7. Post personal photos. Showcase your staff’s outside interests, like photography or woodworking.

8. Pet photos! Who doesn’t love a cute dog or kitten picture? Or maybe a pet iguana?

9. Favorite new thing. What’s the one mobile app you can’t live without? Or book you couldn’t put down?

10. Engage with humor, like “overheard at the water cooler.” Make sure it’s appropriate; steer away from religion or politics.

Let your imagination be your guide for social media marketing. Remember that content is what will engage your readers and have a regular publishing schedule for new content to bring them back. Be appropriate; be relevant and above all else, be professional.

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