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10 Keys to Writing Effective Articles

Article Writing TipsQuality content is vital in online marketing. Since articles are such an important part of marketing on the internet, the following paragraphs will discuss some important points to keep in mind.

1. Your Message

Knowing what you want to say and saying it in a way that reaches the heart of your audience are two very different things. If there is no purpose behind your message, your readers will quickly lose interest. Determine what you want your message to accomplish and then formulate it in a way that gets the job done.

2. Your Audience

If you don’t know your audience, it will be impossible to write in a way that targets them. Knowing your audience will help you write in a way that reaches them on a personal level, keeping them tuned in.

3. Your Delivery

The way in which you deliver your message can be just as important as the message itself. You may have a great message, but if it is disorganized it’s going to be wasted. Deliver your message in a way that makes the reader feel it was written just for them.

4. Your Tone

We’ve all heard teachers speak in a monotone, and it makes for some pretty boring lectures. The same is true of the written word. Make your articles interesting. Avoid sentences that are short and choppy, making you sound robotic.

5. Your Grammar

Spelling and grammar errors are a turn-off to readers and greatly affect your credibility as an author. Double check your work and write carefully to avoid discrediting yourself.

6. Your Title

Your title opens the door to the rest of your article. A catchy title attracts readers and keeps their interest where you want it. Make it fun and interesting to attract readers and keep them engaged.

7. Your Terms

Use terms that are appropriate for your audience or they will feel overwhelmed and lost. Unless your target audience is professionals, avoid too many technical terms.

8. Your Pitch

You want your articles to promote your products in a subtle manner. If your sales pitch is too dramatic or downs the competition, it can turn your readers against you. Promote yourself in a modest but authoritative way to gain trust.

9. Your Keyword

Your keyword is your ticket to being found on the vast World Wide Web. Even if you have the best article ever written, it is useless if no one can find it. Choosing the right keyword requires some research, but it will prove well worth the time and effort involved.

10. Your Resource Box

Your research box needs to include complete information, especially on a website. Don’t use it to market yourself because if you’ve written your article well, it will do that for you.

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Austin Coulson

Web Design and Internet Marketing have been passions of Austin’s for many years. While starting out by creating websites for himself, Austin ascertained many of the fundamentals and theory that constitute professional website development. Through networking and word-of-mouth, Austin soon began building and marketing websites for many different businesses and industries.

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