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Email Marketing Tips To Help Increase Your Clicks

Think about how many emails you receive on a daily basis and how many email accounts you have. Now, think about how many messages you do not bother to open to see what is inside them. The typical email user will leave many emails unopened, never entirely sure of what was inside. If you are marketing through emails, this should concern you. Without the right email marketing tips, these are your emails being left unopened. What email marketing tips will stand out and be that unknown email that gets opened? Starting with the New Year, try to achieve your goals of a high click-through rate in your email marketing campaign. These email marketing tips can help you get potential clients to not only open the email, but also click on what is inside. 1. Keep It Short 2. Keep It Social 3. Target Potential Clients 4. Make Your Point Clear 5. Include a Blatant Call to Action 1. Keep It Short One of the best email marketing tips you can get is to keep your message short and concise. People do not feel compelled to read long marketing missives. They might give your short blurb a shot, though.2. Keep It Social Econsultancy conducted research and found that including even just one option for sharing on social networks can garner 30% higher CTR. If one person shares your email with ten friends, but does not redeem your offer, you still get nine more chances that you would not have had without social networking options. This email marketing tip can help your email go viral . . . in a good way. 3. Target Potential Clients If you are going to follow only one of these email marketing tips, make it this one — target potential clients. If your email marketing campaign is for diapers, you do not want to send a bulk email to male college students, as most of them will not need diapers. To generate leads on something like that, you want to target moms and dads. Targeted emails generate 24% more sales leads. 4. Make Your Point Clear If you want any of these email marketing tips to succeed, you have to make a point in your emails. Do not send out a marketing email with links to all kinds of random products. If you have to have more than one link, make all of the links relevant to each other. For example, link all wedding products or all back to school products. Do not link back to school products, wedding products, fishing supplies and more in a single email. 5. Include a Blatant Call to Action Oftentimes the email marketing tip people near to hear the most is “Use a call to action.” Convince readers to click by including a call to action such as, “You cannot beat this deal, so shop with us today!” Not, “It is doubtful that you will find such a deal elsewhere, so click here, if you would like.” Be convincing, be bold and skip the fluff.

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