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5 Small Business Advertising Ideas

Suppose you’re about to launch a website for your small business, promotion or new product. You’ve spent some time networking with industry influencers, chosen some important keywords, and prepared a press release to be sent out tomorrow. Suppose you’ve spent almost all of your capital on this product, and you only have a few hundred dollars to move forward with for small business advertising. Pay Per Click - Local Listing Optimization

What’s the most cost effective way to use that money? In all likelihood, it will be some combination of the five small business advertising ideas discussed later on in the article. But before we discuss the ideas, let’s talk strategy.

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LinkedIn Marketing – 6 Ways To Improve Your Reach

LinkedIn is the premier professional networking website with more than 100 million users. The main goal of LinkedIn is to connect professionals. It is a great resource for locating former colleagues and classmates, or finding clients or a new job. Using the six LinkedIn marketing methods below expands your professional life.

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