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Writing Effective Titles That Get Your Articles Indexed

Article Writing TipsWhen writing Internet articles, authors must consider how to catch reader and search engine attention. As the gateway to an article, a title must be interesting but also help an article get indexed. Therefore, writers must create articles that are both reader and search engine friendly.

Here are five tips that will help you construct titles in order to draw reader and search engine attention.

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5 Years Strong

ACU Web Celebrates Its 5th Year In Business…

I would like to take a minute to personally thank every one of our clients, employees, contractors, partners, advisers and friends who have helped ACU Web reach its 5th year in business. Though we have worked with some of our clients for as long as 10 years, ACU Web as it is today was formed in 2005. Through these tough economic times we feel very fortunate to be amongst those who are surviving and growing.

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Web Design Done Right

It seems like a hallmark of the small business and nonprofit business owner: taking it upon yourself to design and develop the company website. These business owners recognize the need for an online presence, but sometimes fail to realize just how much work and expertise goes into creating a quality site. What begins as an earnest desire to save money by not hiring a developer, ends up as a time-consuming, frustrating undertaking on a site that won’t look as professional as it could have.

In addition to the frustration many of these small business owners face when trying to create their own sites, the huge investment of time poured into the task is often thought of as a no-cost aspect of the business. A more cost-effective perspective for owners and founders is to consider their time and expertise the most valuable aspect of the business. Everything else can and should be delegated to others who can provide quality and efficiency.

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Local Listings Optimization – Improving Your Local Visibility on the Internet

What is local listings optimization?

A business always wants to attract customers to their website. Depending on your business it often helps if those customers are also local to you. Local listings optimization is the art of optimizing your information on the internet to make sure that your business shows up well whenever someone searches locally for your business. This may be a search on Google Places, Yahoo Local or many of the other sites along these lines.

Local Listings Optimization

Google Places

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The State of ACU Web

Over the last 90 days we have put a lot of time and effort into refining ACU Web’s service offering, our production process and our team. We have been fortunate enough to hire a couple of strong team members have positively contributed to the company. Through our team’s ideas and hard work we have greatly improved our customer satisfaction and overall abilities. At this point I am confident that we are capable of taking prospective clients and converting them into term recurring clients who will advocate for us as clients that have seen their businesses benefit and grow from our services. I know this because we have done it.

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Even cooler colors with Kuler.


Everyone sometimes get a creative block, but when it comes to what colors to use for your designs. Adobe has a free product called Kuler that will help you with coming up with sets of compatible colors. Kuler has a standalone desktop application that is available on adobe’s website. It also has built in integration with many of the adobe CS4 and above suites. You will need an adobe account which is also free to sign up for.

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