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A Hassle-Free Guide to Creating a Website That’s Educational and Relevant

There are so many websites online that creating one your audience loves may seem like an impossible task. That’s especially true if you want the content to have an educational slant and be targeted towards a specific audience. Fortunately, it’s not difficult to build and maintain a website that’s engaging and helps people learn new things.

Know Your Audience
One of the first steps in making a website that people keep coming back to is understanding what those individuals want to know. For example, an audience of medical professionals isn’t likely to stay interested while browsing a site geared towards accountants, because the two fields don’t have enough in common.
If you’re not sure about which audiences you want to target with your website, figure that out before getting too far into the creative process. Otherwise, you may find you waste time due to lacking focus.
Upload New Content Regularly
People often have trouble determining how often they should update their websites. Ideally, provide new content on a very regular basis, especially since you’re trying to position your website as a place to learn. In some industries, progress happens so fast, even a newsworthy article published a few months ago quickly becomes outdated.
Also, consider the more often you make new content available, the more likely it is people will keep coming back to see what’s different from the last time they were there. If you do things right, loyal visitors will also recommend the website to their friends.
Let Your Visitors Weigh In
One of the easiest ways to ensure you’re adequately catering to your audience is to give them simple methods for giving feedback. You may include a contact form on the website or make it possible for people to comment about articles you publish. Take all feedback seriously, plus respond to comments to let people know you’re listening and you care.
Offer Content That Visitors Can Genuinely Use
You’ve already learned how it’s necessary to understand what your audience wants to learn. Furthermore, it’s a good idea to go even further and publish content your audience can use within their everyday lives or in their careers.
For example, USC Online, a provider of online degrees, published a blog post about how to target an audience, and made it available on a website associated with its Annenberg School of Communication and Journalism. Clearly, this content could offer actionable strategies for prospective students, as well as people already working in communications careers.
Maryville University is another entity that offers online degrees, and it regularly puts associated content on its websites too. Maryville offers a doctoral degree in education, and opted to publish an article detailing how the education industry is changing, thanks to learning management systems, adaptive learning software, and more. This is another example of web content that’s obviously angled towards an audience that has a need for that kind of knowledge.
Building a website that helps people learn and is relevant to what they do isn’t always easy. The tips above should get you off to a strong start by guiding you in the right direction.

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3 Super Easy Online Marketing Tasks You Must Do When Starting A New Business

Starting A New Business Marketing OnlineAre you starting a new business? Or have you already started it and you need more customers? Marketing online is hands down the best way to get your business out there. In this post I cover 3 super easy tasks that you can do yourself that will help your business grow. Really these things are critical for any new business. So let’s get your started. Here they are;

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You have a new website, now what? Market it!

Designing A Website Is Just Step One. Marketing A Website Is Step Two.

Your new website is finally live. You got all the pages written, products added, galleries created and you love how it looks. But something is wrong, it’s not getting you any leads! Why is that? Most likely you aren’t marketing it. Building a website but not marketing it is like printing brochures but not handing them out. It’s pretty much useless. That why we wrote this article about marketing a website.

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Three Technology Strategies That Will Keep Your Business Growing

In this contemporary era, technological advancements transpire with each passing day. By accessing and implementing the right technological methodologies and devices, you can take your business to a new level of exceptionalism and expedience. Use some or all of the technology strategies outlined above to start attaining great business-building results:

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5 Critical eCommerce Improvements That Generate Higher Online Profits

Introduction Online retail sales are estimated to grow to $327 billion in 2016. Steady ecommerce growth has created new revenue stream opportunities for firms that invest in building their online presence. However, problems still exist across the board and especially for smaller firms, by competition from companies that spend more to create more appealing online marketing campaigns and have smoother sales and shipping operations. Customer satisfaction surveys list several areas where online companies could make meaningful improvements. This article explores 5 ecommerce areas where opportunity for improvement could drive higher sales and satisfaction.

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Six Ways to Land a Direct Connection with Mobile Marketing

6 Ways Mobile MarketingMobile marketing is in, and it’s reworking the way consumers and business people engage path-to-purchase strategies. More than ever, buyers are engaged on multiple channels, proposed multiple offers and receive multiple amenities. Landing a direct connection needn’t be a departure from automated marketing, but it should rely on specified groups. Below, we talk about the top approaches mobile marketers are taking to ensure connectivity:

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Creating content sucks… so don’t do it!

By now we all know that Google is a content feeding hungry hippo. The more relevant and interesting content you create on your website the better. But creating a content calendar and coming up with viral worthy blog post goodness is super hard and can be frustrating.

SO DON’T DO IT! Ok, that’s not true, you still have to do it. But this post will give you an awesome tactic to lighten the load while growing your likes and followers. What is this epic tactic? It’s simple and well known, but something I bet you aren’t taking advantage of. It’s…. drum roll please… (click read more, it’s not going to just pop up on it’s own. lol)

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WP Content Lightbox Tutorial – Adding Youtube Videos

wp content lightbox tutorial

Hello everyone! Today we have a simple 9 step tutorial on how to add a video lightbox gallery from Youtube to your Word Press page using a pluggin called WP Video Lightbox. This tutorial is actually for one of our awesome clients, Aleph Group Inc. Their company creates amazing custom vehicles, mobile, portable and semi-permanent solutions for the medical industry, humanitarian organizations, government and law enforcement agencies.

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