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Three Technology Strategies That Will Keep Your Business Growing

In this contemporary era, technological advancements transpire with each passing day. By accessing and implementing the right technological methodologies and devices, you can take your business to a new level of exceptionalism and expedience. Use some or all of the technology strategies outlined above to start attaining great business-building results:

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5 Critical eCommerce Improvements That Generate Higher Online Profits

Introduction Online retail sales are estimated to grow to $327 billion in 2016. Steady ecommerce growth has created new revenue stream opportunities for firms that invest in building their online presence. However, problems still exist across the board and especially for smaller firms, by competition from companies that spend more to create more appealing online marketing campaigns and have smoother sales and shipping operations. Customer satisfaction surveys list several areas where online companies could make meaningful improvements. This article explores 5 ecommerce areas where opportunity for improvement could drive higher sales and satisfaction.

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Six Ways to Land a Direct Connection with Mobile Marketing

6 Ways Mobile MarketingMobile marketing is in, and it’s reworking the way consumers and business people engage path-to-purchase strategies. More than ever, buyers are engaged on multiple channels, proposed multiple offers and receive multiple amenities. Landing a direct connection needn’t be a departure from automated marketing, but it should rely on specified groups. Below, we talk about the top approaches mobile marketers are taking to ensure connectivity:

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Creating content sucks… so don’t do it!

By now we all know that Google is a content feeding hungry hippo. The more relevant and interesting content you create on your website the better. But creating a content calendar and coming up with viral worthy blog post goodness is super hard and can be frustrating. SO DON’T DO IT! Ok, that’s not true, you still have to do it. But this post will give you an awesome tactic to lighten the load while growing your likes and followers. What is this epic tactic? It’s simple and well known, but something I bet you aren’t taking advantage of. It’s…. drum roll please… (click read more, it’s not going to just pop up on it’s own. lol)

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WP Content Lightbox Tutorial – Adding Youtube Videos

wp content lightbox tutorial Hello everyone! Today we have a simple 9 step tutorial on how to add a video lightbox gallery from Youtube to your Word Press page using a pluggin called WP Video Lightbox. This tutorial is actually for one of our awesome clients, Aleph Group Inc. Their company creates amazing custom vehicles, mobile, portable and semi-permanent solutions for the medical industry, humanitarian organizations, government and law enforcement agencies.

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Building a Brand for Your Small Business? Ask Yourself These 6 Questions.

SEO Brand BuildingI know your marketing budget is tight but there are things you can do that only require sweat equity that will help you build a good foundation and solidify your company’s online presence.

You need to ask yourself these 6 questions:

  • What is your brand?
  • What is Your Origin Story?
  • How Am I Engaging My Customers?
  • What Are Your Competitors Doing?
  • What Kind Of Customers Do You Want?
  • What’s The Next Step?

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Pulling Data from Tables for Search Results: Google’s “Structured Snippets”

You should be asking yourself, “What’s in my table?” Why? Because Google reads it! The all powerful, all knowing Google has introduced something called, “Structured Snippets” which is a feature that will incorporate the data from your tables into search results. This means if you have a clothing line (OverwatchApparel.com) and have tables that list sizes and measurements, Google will be able to pull that data accurately from that table and display them neatly when someone searches for you.

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Hey, Facebook – Free Ivan Misner!

This weekend I was fortunate enough to get an opportunity to help Ivan Misner, the founder of BNI,  personally. I was CC’d on an email looking for anyone that could help connect him with someone at Facebook because his personal account had been frozen and he was impersonating Ivan Misner. Crazy right? I thought I had a connection that could help but that didn’t pan out. However I did have an idea. Here is what I sent Ivan on a whim;
If we can’t get access to the account through normal channels today, I suggest turning this into a social media exposure opportunity. We can create “Free Misner‘s Account” images and get all of BNI to share them on Facebook. I think it would lead to the account being released, create additional exposure for BNI, and generate possible media interest.

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