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Dental Implant Marketing Success

ACU Web has worked with adhp and Dr. Barbanell for over 4 years and helped take the business from 1mm per year to 4mm per year in that time frame.

ACU Web and Dr. Barbanell (Dr.B) and adhp (adhp.com) started working together in 2007. At that time the economy was tanking and Dr.B was considering closing his three offices. Those offices are in Long Beach, Torrance and Downey California. He was very dependant on other dentists referring him business and that had slowed dramatically as dentists tightened there belts and tried to keep as many treatments in house as possible.

When we started there was no website to speak of and Dr.B had just come out of a bad experience with a previous web designer. We initially presented a flat bid proposal for a large website and internet marketing plan. After many meetings and conversations with Dr.B we agreed to work on an hourly rate as a consultant. Our first task was to help him sort through the various other internet marketing and website designs proposals he had recieved. We did this over a course of a few weeks and found that none of the service providers we were reviewing presented anything that we didnt feel we could beat in house if Dr.B and ACU Web worked closely together. Many of the internet marketing providers were happy to state that there services could get Dr.B a wopping 2-3 new patients a month. These services were usually several hundred or over a thousand dollars per month.

After determining we would team up and approach this effort ourselves we got to work. We built a simple website with very little information, began Pay-Per-Click and Search Engine Optimization services and started getting some traffic.

Over the following year or two we had a couple of paradigm shifts that greatly improved the exposure and conversion for Dr.B’s site.

  1. We decided and began providing much more information, pricing and “behind the scenes” content then any dentist out there. Many of the articles currently on adhp.com are ground shaking for the industry as a whole. Dr.B’s philoshpy of providing appropriate, affordable care, treating you like a friend, and successfully restoring comfort, function, and esthetics unfortunately is not widely applied in his industry. His articles on how dental implant pricing is established also gives more info then many dentists would like their patients to have.

  2. We changed the whole site to a fist person conversation from Dr.B himself. Letting people see who the dentist really was and what he was all about.

Over the past four years we have applied our Internet Marketing efforts (Search Engine Optimization, Local Listing or Google Places Optimization, Pay-Per-Click Marketing and Social Marketing) to have a dramatically postive affect on Dr.B’s practice. Some examples;

  1. Dr.B’s gross revenue has increase 400%, from 1mm in 2007 to a projected 4mm in 2011.

  2. He’s had a lot of days with more than 15 new patients. Keep in mind some of the early companies we reviewed were offering 2-3 new patients a month!

  3. His website traffic went from less than 300 unique visitors to over 3000 per month.

  4. We have freed him from being dependant on referrals from other dentists.

  5. We’ve implement tracking and reporting that allows us to look at our marketing ROI on a per channel level. (i.e. we know if we put $x into Google PPC we get $y back.

Not only has our relationship with Dr.B been financially rewarding it’s more importantly been personally rewarding. Dr.B pushes our skills and helps us to continue to grow our knowledge and services. His personal involvment with the project has allowed us to really become part of the adhp team and that has given us insights and advantages that directly help us improve the effectiveness of our efforts.

We’re continuing to help Dr.B grow his business, he just opened a fourth office in Fallbrook, and are excited at the oppurtunity to keep pushing our skills and idea.

From Dr.B

“I have worked with ACU Web for over 4 years. The principal, Austin Coulson, is a remarkably creative, communicative and effective webmaster. My site is focused on Dental Implants and Periodontics. I have received many new patients from my website which ACU Web built from the ground floor to what it is today. Austin and his staff are now a very important part of my business team. The ongoing project is not only financially rewarding but the process has been generally enlightening and fun.”

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Austin Coulson

Web Design and Internet Marketing have been passions of Austin’s for many years. While starting out by creating websites for himself, Austin ascertained many of the fundamentals and theory that constitute professional website development. Through networking and word-of-mouth, Austin soon began building and marketing websites for many different businesses and industries.

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