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Hey, Facebook – Free Ivan Misner!

Archive for September, 2014

Hey, Facebook – Free Ivan Misner!

This weekend I was fortunate enough to get an opportunity to help Ivan Misner, the founder of BNI, personally. I was CC’d on an email looking for anyone that could help connect him with someone at Facebook because his personal account had been frozen and he was impersonating Ivan Misner. Crazy right? I thought I had a connection that could help but that didn’t pan out. However I did have an idea. Here is what I sent Ivan on a whim;

If we can’t get access to the account through normal channels today, I suggest turning this into a social media exposure opportunity. We can create “Free Misner‘s Account” images and get all of BNI to share them on Facebook. I think it would lead to the account being released, create additional exposure for BNI, and generate possible media interest.

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Tired of Yelp filtering your reviews?

Yelp Filtering Reviews

So are we… so we did a little homework and created this post to help you stop the madness!

One of the greatest issues that small business have with Yelp it its review filter. Business owners complain that while good reviews are filtered out; bad reviews always pass the review filter. While this is an increasing problem, Yelp is still one of the best websites to give consumers relevant reviews.

The Yelp filter is a catch 22 of sorts. It limits a small businesses ability to convert a customer’s enjoyable experience into a positive review. It also allows their competition to create fake reviews and allows one person’s bad experience to carry a lot of weight. Here are a few tips to help gain positive Yelp reviewers.

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