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5 Points To Help You Evaluate Your Website Design

Archive for April, 2011

5 Points To Help You Evaluate Your Website Design

Every business owning or marketing professional that desires an increase in visitors, clients, memberships, sales, or subscriptions via their website needs to evaluate it’s design and make any necessary changes or upgrades, as soon as possible. An effective website design will increase traffic, which will increase business. For non-profit websites, an effective design will improve popularity and add credibility. Of course, quality site content, quality products, and quality service are essential and core to your business’ success.

When evaluating your website design, there are a number of things to consider. Answering the following questions will provide valuable information regarding the effectiveness of your website. The answers will reveal any weak, improper, or flawed characteristics of the design. Applying this technique will help identify which areas of the website design need improvement.

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